Road trip gastronomique

It could have ended badly, but not, and I will come back on that later.

Strange to be on the way back to Gjovik after two years. First new impression, there is a lot of snow, a lot. The landing area is almost surrounded by a wall of snow. Today the weather is very nice with the typical scandinavian blue sky and of course super fresh air... Fresh as soon I get into the airport after getting my luggage and that another typical smell attacked my nose, the grill poelse smell. Burger in Berlin in Schönefeld while waiting for the plane and poelse in Gardemoen while waiting for the bus. I just hope that my final destination of the day will not involve a stop at a kebab house, kebab which was my first meal when I visit Gjovik the first time back in June 2003, too many symbols here.

The way by bus along Mjosa is wunderschön as we can say in a mix of English and German. Mjosa is completly frozen and shows a huge flat white surface.

From photos blog

Finally I arrived at HIG, find some known faces, write some e-mails and so. Later mister Gab will save my trip by offering to share a good risotto. It's time to check my slides for tomorrow.

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