Project Space Festival 2016 Week 1

Th3rd edition of the Project Spaced Festival, 31 days of organised ramble into the city to discover whatever you want to discover. Actually my approach is very naive when it is matter of art, at least as a first encounter I claim this approach for the pleasure to be surprised. I usually read the description of the event without too many expectation, wait and see. But after of course I like to get the feedback from connoisseurs in case I miss something.

It's started at the ebullient space apartment project. Project space that I visited three years ago to interview Selda together with a friend Natalia. At this time Natalia had the idea to follow the festival program and to conduct interviews of each people behind the project spaces involved into the program, the result was pretty cool, all articles are here. Three years later the artists in residence at apartment-project have changed and the place is still full of energy.

Sadly I couldn't join.

This Wednesday it's the turn for insitu to be the art stage of the day. There is a tiny Tour de France spirit in this festival continuously traveling in the city. The event started at and in front of insitu and the people attending the event were shuttling between the space and the späti on the other side of the street. At some point the crowd slightly moved a few street numbers away to attend and be part of a group meditation. The weather was clement enough to not rain during the outdoor performance...

In the program this year they are galleries, spaces from and outside Berlin. Tonight it's Köln and the people behind bruch und dallas. Having no physical place in town, their participation was the take over of a kind of no man's land located nearby the Gemäldergalerie.

The work presented reminds me signs left by aliens on the ground when they come to visit us, as many people I guess I almost walk onto the piece... The weather was so shitty that you couldn't distinguish really between the grey sky and the dark ground or the other way around.

Arriving a bit in advance I used my time to get lost in the streets around the today's place Display. I usually don't stop around Yorckstrasse, just cross the area on my bike, now I know I should stop more often. That's also the pleasure for me with that festival, rediscovering Berlin by the mean of detours.

I enter the space, video installation in the first room and music instrument on the floor announcing later performance. People are slowly arriving. During the time I'm watching the video I can see people going to the back of the space, thinking they go to the bar, I also observe they are not coming back, so I went.

If the front room is full of natural light and toward the street the back is the complete opposite. One room with open door and people queuing to get in. A narrow room, lighted with candles, a bathtub and two women naked conversing while taking a bath and eating cheese, there is a big cheese wooden deck between them.

The spectators are watching the performance, there is something special with performances, it's not theatre, something between 3D cinema and live voyeurism and pure augmented reality or PAR not be confused with AR or VR... A down to the rabbit hole feeling, a visit into a parallel world for a short time, a strong contrast of atmosphere between the two rooms. Pretty cool.

the shortest event ever. It started at 20:00 and finished at 20:05. I was one minute too late, could not get in but could see the people rushing to get in and out.

a big part of my day was spent on my sofa reading. At some point I used the event of the day to leave early before meeting friends for a late Sunday drink in Kreuzberg. On the program a new place to visit for me called labor neunzehn. A slight touch of N.K. for the building and location of this project space, also music and before video projection. I only stayed for the video, pretty interesting even so almost nothing happen on screen, trucks working, glimpse of a people conversation, what I understood as a Californian environment judging the colors, like sitting on bench and watching, another PAR experience, qui a dit que le réel pouvait être ennuyeux?


Back to the island

First swim into the Spree yesterday evening from the top of Stralau facing Treptower Park. A place I used to pass several time when living in this area, that was on my jogging path. I have seen often people jumping into the water but never dared to join, I was running I just wrote.

It's nice to be able to disconnect so fast in Berlin and switch from your office to a swim suit within a few minutes. It's close to 19h and I met a Steffen at a crossroad nearby my work place in Kreuzberg. Half an hour later we are at the extremity of Stralau in the water. Then it's just chilling with a beer and feeding the family duck watching the sunset.

Maybe the blue painted building in Waldemarstrasse was the subliminal message that pushed me to go the water later?


Fête de la musique du vuvuzela

Une fête de la musique en semaine, l'assurance de vivre quelques heures étranges, avoir l'impression d'être en weekend, aller de scène en bar en club en terrasse et de se rappeler passé minuit "mais au fait je bosse demain moi".

le moment de quitter le bureau, l'endroit est toujours calme, de plus l'Allemagne joue depuis une demi-heure donc le pays est calme, juste quelques "ahhhhhh" et "ooohhh" viennent briser ce silence. Je retrouve un Olivier en terrasse du Eckbert Zwo sur le bord du Görlitzer Park. Un cordon rouge chacun au menu, en gros un cordon bleu. Du parc les jumbés résonnent.

diner fini je pars en vélo faire un petit tour  vers Sanderstrasse où sur une partie de la rue une scène a été montée. Impossible de reconnaitre des têtes connues, trop de monde mais l'info vient de tomber: mini rave-openair au Schillerbrücke, je file. Sur place je retrouve une amicale franco-péruvo-italienne, la musique vibre, les gens dansent, ils sont beaux, parfois un peu ailleurs,  et il fait beau.

les autorisations de faire du bruit sont effectives jusqu'à 22h, il est 22h, le dj stoppe le son et invite tout le monde au club le plus proche pour une soirée entrée gratuite.

La foule se disperse. Je quitte l'amicale, retrouve un Jon prés de la Sanderstrasse pour un coca glacé en terrasse. Dans les rues chaque späti est transformé en salle de projection, après l'Allemagne plus tôt c'est la Turquie qui régale.

je re-retrouve l'amicale franco-péruvo-italienne, cette fois ci prés de Schlechistertor, rentre par erreur dans le mauvais bar le Chalet, juste le temps de demander au staff qui peine à gérer l'afflux de visiteurs "c'est loin le Birgit and Bier?" et de marcher 50m de plus au dit Birgit. Le lieu est une ancienne écurie, l'étable est maintenant un bar et les différents box des dancefloor.

Dans la queue des touristes, derrière moi du suédois, devant moi de l'américaines mal habillées, la tenue je sors au lavomatic en flip-flop yoga pant polaire, qui se demandent si on va les laisser rentrer sans ID,  c'est Berlin quand même...  même si la fashion police devrait être plus présente.  Je ne fais pas long feu, un apfelschörle des champions et je débute mon retour.

la ville reprend doucement un rythme de semaine. Près de Eberwalderstrasse les bourrés se battent comme des bourrés, il faut slalomer entre eux, mission réussi. Mon royaume pour un lit, mon lit, sommeil.


Toujours plus haut

Monter pour mieux plonger dans l'eau froide ou à la recherche d'un climat sec.

Dent d'Oche sous les éclaircies, la pluie, la grêle, les éclaires, tout un programme... mais aussi plein de bouquetins qui sautent autour de nous.


Transporter 5

4:30am Berlin 
The transporter wakes up. He had a short night and he knows the day will be a long day. On his agenda a lot of packages to pick up. One first at Treptower Park with the mission to escort him - yes, this time the transporter is only taking car of dudes - to a remote and secure location on the side of Lake Geneva.

9:30am Geneva airport
The head, mind and body in the clouds we reach safely Switzerland. Next stop the rental car desk. Gps destination entered, we are on the road, fifth way of transportation for today after my feet, S-Bahn, airplane, bus and now a car.

We cross the city of Geneva, we soon cross the border, we are in France.

11:57am Evian
We are in France but there are German flags everywhere, a little Vichy touch I thought, but no, only the Mannschaft having of head quarter an hotel in Evian during the European Cup starting next week.

There is market in town, my German package is easily attracted by all the cheese producers offering to try everything. I almost have to drag Steffen - let's call this package Steffen for convenience - out of the market place or all of our € would have been spend in a few secondes in cheese and saucisson. But really who can blame him?

One jack-jack cable for the car,  café and croissant, water from the source later and we are back on track. Next stop is the parking place of Intermarché in Lugrin to meet the local.

1:56pm Lugrin
We meet another big dude - let's call him JB for convenience - for another mission: to buy food for three days and seven people. Challenge accepted.

2:43pm Meilleirie
At home first before the rest of the group, the mission is to prepare the house. Our host JB uses all his electronic skills and fingers to bring light to the flat. Gipsy mission accomplished!

First beer, first cheese, first rondelle de saucisson and first jump into the water. It's fresh, so fresh but at least we know we are still alive. 10h before I was struggling to leave my bed in Berlin, now I'm struggling to not lose a finger toe in Lake Geneva but I'm definitively awake.

Then three more people arrive, only one is missing, that will be the last mission for the transporter today. For now people arrive from France and Germany, the last package will be picked up in Switzerland close to the French border arriving from Austria by train. For the first time I will have crossed three times a border.

I lost track on what are doing, mainly we talk - the people here almost all met in Norway about ten years ago - drink some stuffs, eat good stuffs, take pictures, watch Lausanne under the rain when we are not. We hope the weather will be fine for tomorrow as we plan to go higher in the mountain.