Friday Afternoon in London

My working trip to Cambridge has been postponed meaning no stop-by by London, I thought. But a week before I also thought whatever, let's fly to London for the weekend and meet my friend Janiv as it was planed. Flights Berlin-London are so cheap it will be a shame to not use them, so I did!

Thanks to a so rare strike in Berlin airport I had to take off from Hamburg airport, giving me the chance to visit this city - shortly - for the first time. First time if I don't count the crossing of Hamburg by car on my numerous trips France - Scandinavia in the past years.

The trip
Wake up early, run to catch the tram, jump into the train in Berlin to Hamburg and S-Bahn to the airport, shitty croissant, tasteless sandwich and bad coffee I'm in the plane. Almost empty I fall asleep as soon as we take off. Arrival in London, buy a transport card, take the train, change at Victoria, take the tube, leave at Highbury and Islington Station and wait for my friend facing the well named Islington Cock Tavern.

First things come first, we have a coffee and delicious toast at Maison d'Etre then direction South Bank with the idea to visit an exhibition about light and color in a place I forgot the name while just briefly remembering a poster in the subway I may have seen an hour before... We reach the possible place which obviously was closed with reopening announced for 2018... A beautiful failure.

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So we keep walking and talking. Tate Modern in our back we bravely take the Millennium bridge and continue our exploration in the direction we came from but from the other side of the Thames. At Saint Paul's Cathedral we turn left, pass King's College London, then Wellington street, Covent Garden, aiming for Soho and the Photographer's Gallery which is ok but not crazy neither.

Tea time passed beer time arrives
Museum done, time for a pint and it will be the Blue Post. It's 6pm-ish, we found place to seat on the banquette and two ales. We talk and talk and we bring our neighbor into out discussion while searching for the name of the place. Time flies, two more ales, peanuts, local stories about the place, David Bowie, tailors in London versus tailors in Italy later and out stomachs scream for more. Goodby to our new friend and direction a not too far sushi place, later followed by ice cream. Always good to have local friends with similar food interest or obsession.

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Yet another little planet

A few weeks ago I decided to change the platform where to put my visual art-work. I tried etsy but I haven't be very much satisfied with it.

Observing where many of my artist friends had their works available I did switch to SAATCHI ART earlier last week. You can now see my work here Jeremie Gerhardt - SAATCHI ART and purchase some of my items as well. This platform allows to easily highlight your work, sell the originals and provide easily purchases of prints directly from the website.


Where is my time zone?

A few days ago I was in the countryside in Burgundy not too far from Paris with my family. Now I'm back in California, Los Angeles. Physically I know where I'm but my body still needs to adapt.

The landing over LA at sunset was beautiful. End of afternoon, still some natural light, a Nicole picks me up, I jump in her car and the insane traffic, definitively back in LA.

This second evening of my trip I'm having a drink - actually drinks - on another hotel roof top bar in Hollywood before aiming for the cinema. Until 4pm I'm fine but after the struggle can start. We enter the cinema and... I do remember we got tickets for Rogue One, I do remember battles in space and light sabres each times I open my eyes or when my head failed on my neighbor shoulder...  and the rest is blurry. But the most important is to be able to stay awake for new year's evening until midnight.  I still have a few hours to adapt.


La bourgogne avant la neige

Toute la famille ou presque en Bourgogne près de la cheminée ou autour de la table ou à jouer au scrabble ou à marcher dehors sur la colline. Il fait frais mais pas trop froid et en tout cas moins chaud que Noel dernier où trinquions dehors au même moment.

Une arrivée étalée en milieu de semaine et des départs également étalés après Noel où chacun se dirige vers ses autres familles ou autre continent. Ce fût court mais intense.


Panic routine

Winter is coming, winter is here, Christmas time as well and time to fly to Paris and get close to the family and other friends.  Arriving at your friend place, hearing rumours of another suicidal attack, in Berlin this time, spending the whole evening to find out everybody I know I safe.  The shot of panic is passed, time to relax a bit and to continue to live and to sleep actually as it's getting late. Still 2016, in Paris.