Another conference in Berlin about Culture and Informatic

A rather chaotic conference with a nice location, location being a room in the Bode museum in Berlin. Second edition for me and I still struggle to understand how this one works. I found each session too short regarding the number of presentation per session (without talking about the people reading their presentation) and the keynotes being too numerous in comparison.

But despite my negative first impression I found some interesting facts and problematic. One of them is the great diversity within museums depending of their location, be it in a province of China or in Namibia. The matter of getting visitors, making them to come and visit is extremely different.  Having something to present to the public is not enough depending of the geographical location together with the social environment.

Always cool to talk with people following a complete different path as yours. I started my journey in Paris, went to Montreal, back to Paris, Oslo and now Berlin and here I had very interesting conversation with Indian and African people, for one traveling East to West in the South hemisphere and the other North to South crossing several time the hemisphere. Complete different languages and geographical references, but we found ourselves on work topic and way of living, three different continents and none of us working and living in our country of origin for at least 10 years.

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