Moment Lynchien

Assuming you are familiar with the work of David Lynch, I need to share my experience during the eighth day of the Project Space Festival Berlin. Event that day organised by the Kleine Humboldt Gallery and taking place in the Agricultural Institute of Humboldt University building nearby the Naturkunde Museum.

In one hour only, the guided tour did make us travel in space, in time and in imagination. A feeling of getting successively into boxes bigger than the previous one. Walking into abandoned class room, dust on the furnitures, stained glassed to replace the window, video installation where you need to seat as you were following a lecture, old map of the subway Berlin on the wall left over from the previous inhabitants of the space, never knowing if you are watching or being part of an art installation and if a ghost will come and say hello.

Pretty hypnotic.

Some pictures here Flickr album.

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