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I joined yesterday evening another Meetup hosted by Bayer in Berlin. A master class about PR in the digital age given by Andreas Winiarski from RCKT & Rocket Internet. 

Why attending this event you may ask? First of all I heard about of the mini burgers legend that are possibly served during the Meetup organized at this location... No burgers this time but mini flammkuchen, so that wasn't too bad. Secondly and more seriously I was curious to hear a PR person talking about his work and experience. I'm not one of them - I'm a data scientist with a liking for computer vision and color science - but in my work, at some point, I may have to communicate with the communicating people.

What I like about the talk was the way - it seems - this profession has changed putting the people more in control by taking control of the available tools: you are the first communicator. You don't need much of infrastructure to start spreading your voice as you are always two clicks away from starting a blog.

I also appreciate the position of the speaker - and I guess the one of the company he is representing - regarding where they want to go, what they want to achieve. The internet is not only reserved to the US or China. Germany and Europe have to be part the game. There is no local market, everything is global from the beginning and the model followed by Rocket Internet is completely going in that direction.

To be short that was a pretty interesting presentation. I can't say I learned many new things, but it's nice to see some of your thoughts formalized by others. It make you feel that you are not completely disconnected from the world.

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