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My last post on the SpottedByLocals blog is called Eschschloraque - Underground multimedia platform, full text on the link and below. I let you discover it. And long story short it's a good place.


Eschschloraque – Underground multimedia platform

I already wrote about this area, but the density of interesting spots in that tiny street now surrounded by a polished touristy area is amazing. There is always something to discover, be it a gallery and bookshop neurotitan or the Kino Central (check the Kino Central article). And that’s not all! The bar Eschscloraque is a kind of gravity center that keep all the places together.

Eschchloraque did celebrate its 20-year anniversary this summer 2015 and its art activity is still swarming. The bar is obviously not only a bar; there is a stage and regular concerts, shows and performances. A kind of place where opera singers, cabaret freak shows, musicians and dancers can be on stage. About dance, the series of events Band à Part takes over the place regularly on late

Tuesday evenings and it’s always interesting.
Again about the place, it looks rusty, dark, made with steel pieces. I don’t know if this is something typical about this city, but it always make me think of Berlin as a giant spacecraft waiting to take off again. I love it.

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