Local history 2

It's Sunday and it's bike day. A tour toward Potsdam with a neighbor, nous l'appelerons Caroline, our goal the villa Liebermann. We start slowly, crossing the city until Westkreuz and entering Grunewald with all the runners, hikers and other sporty people. We choose one way into the forest, we are alone, cycling and talking.

Once in Wannsee we just need to cross a bridge and we find the villa. All the opposite water side of S-Bahn Wannsee is full of huge villas loaded with history. The villa Liebermann has a small collection to exhibit - they were preparing another one so rooms were closed and so we took time to  learn about the place - and a lot to tell about what did happen around about 90 years ago: how some of the people were kicked out their houses when the little man was in charge.

I have been so many times in this area the last 8 years and I never stopped even only for a few seconds, today I stop. After the villa Lieberman we cycle a bit further to another villa, bigger and whatever the weather the place is cold and saddly very interesting. It's the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz. Knowing what did happen here, what the nazis were peacefully planning, with the view on the Strandbad Wannsee from the terrasse, the portrait of all the chiefs on the house walls, an impression of a basic summer camp is terrifying. No signs of bodies, or remains, just a beautifull villa with an amazing view where some people were politely brainstorming how to get rid of millions of Jewish people and more.

We left, slowly, visiting places with memories of your own history, this history, has weighted a bit our body. The time to digest this information before stoping to the next biergarten...

We reach Berlin two three hours later. It's late, almost night and this bike tour brought us back in time. Hopefully we are back.

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