Transporter 5

4:30am Berlin 
The transporter wakes up. He had a short night and he knows the day will be a long day. On his agenda a lot of packages to pick up. One first at Treptower Park with the mission to escort him - yes, this time the transporter is only taking car of dudes - to a remote and secure location on the side of Lake Geneva.

9:30am Geneva airport
The head, mind and body in the clouds we reach safely Switzerland. Next stop the rental car desk. Gps destination entered, we are on the road, fifth way of transportation for today after my feet, S-Bahn, airplane, bus and now a car.

We cross the city of Geneva, we soon cross the border, we are in France.

11:57am Evian
We are in France but there are German flags everywhere, a little Vichy touch I thought, but no, only the Mannschaft having of head quarter an hotel in Evian during the European Cup starting next week.

There is market in town, my German package is easily attracted by all the cheese producers offering to try everything. I almost have to drag Steffen - let's call this package Steffen for convenience - out of the market place or all of our € would have been spend in a few secondes in cheese and saucisson. But really who can blame him?

One jack-jack cable for the car,  café and croissant, water from the source later and we are back on track. Next stop is the parking place of Intermarché in Lugrin to meet the local.

1:56pm Lugrin
We meet another big dude - let's call him JB for convenience - for another mission: to buy food for three days and seven people. Challenge accepted.

2:43pm Meilleirie
At home first before the rest of the group, the mission is to prepare the house. Our host JB uses all his electronic skills and fingers to bring light to the flat. Gipsy mission accomplished!

First beer, first cheese, first rondelle de saucisson and first jump into the water. It's fresh, so fresh but at least we know we are still alive. 10h before I was struggling to leave my bed in Berlin, now I'm struggling to not lose a finger toe in Lake Geneva but I'm definitively awake.

Then three more people arrive, only one is missing, that will be the last mission for the transporter today. For now people arrive from France and Germany, the last package will be picked up in Switzerland close to the French border arriving from Austria by train. For the first time I will have crossed three times a border.

I lost track on what are doing, mainly we talk - the people here almost all met in Norway about ten years ago - drink some stuffs, eat good stuffs, take pictures, watch Lausanne under the rain when we are not. We hope the weather will be fine for tomorrow as we plan to go higher in the mountain.

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