Tech Open Air under the rain

What is good? I don't know, that was my first TOA, Wednesday wasn't a success to me. I got very annoyed when the Über word is given as exemple for business model. For me it's the sign of too much AI, to much denial of human being, too much optimisation, too much shit, too much individualism, too much profits.

The second day was a bit better and I didn't get a mousson rain shower as opposed to yesterday. The opening keynote by the former AI Facebook person was interesting, but if you are into science, CV, ML, DL for a few years there were nothing new. The conference is mostly marketing you could feel that only a few people got what the speaker intended to present, at least those same people got in their heads new buzz words.

The overall observation was a lot of queueing and not enough places in the various conference room. There are zillion of satellite events around but again mostly marketing events.

But you can still meet interesting people, I guess.

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