First ever entire Saturday in London

Waking up i Islington
It started pleasantly with a walk in Islington and a first and very import coffee at The Place where it was promised to me to meet famous actresses drinking their coffee drink with style... I have seen beautiful croissant and brioche instead and the coffee was great.

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Going to the market in Hackney
Coffee is important I will never stop to remind you that, but eating it nice too. We jump into the train to Hackney to reach the Broadway market. Spring weather is there, crowd is international, food offer is multi-directional and our palate is in trouble. One shared crispy chicken sandwich made with love from Butchies and we can start the market exploration. A vegetarian Indian dish to complete our meal seating in the nearby park and we continue our tour. Following the outdoor railway to the station we have our second coffee of the day at e5bakehouse where sadly we had no place in our stomach for more.

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Design museum
We did split our schedule, my host has a meeting this afternoon and I decide to go visit The Design museum which didn't not amazed me. At least I did explore the city. There are sport events in town and did cross many people with their team jerseys. Back in Islington I avoid just in time the rush for the late afternoon football game and stop again at The Place to work a bit. When  I say I worked a bit, it doesn't mean I work for the coffee,  I meant I worked for myself on my laptop at the coffee place, I saw confusion arising.

Evening in Islinglton
Food food food, it will be Back Axe Mangal to start, delicious worldwide tapas I would say, then walk into the neighbourhood until the pub, The Craft Beer Islington it will be, beer beer beer. Before to get our first beer of the day we follow the stream of football fans leaving the stadium. Eventually we reach that place not too crowded. It's still early.

After beer number three a time loophole did happen. Basically more beers, French fries and a discussion with our table neighbours. One French, one Norwegian/Israeli, three Indians and except a couple from the Indian team none of us is living in his native country. Different view points, different paths with Mumbai/Oslo/Paris/Tel-Aviv/Berlin/London, one Indian tourist very happy to share his new Arsenal shirt and his love for Arsene Wenger - his new wife and friend stay quiet - and a very pleasant time.

A walk home, a jump into the bus, beautiful girls talking to us - alcohol is making effect probably - and the discussion turns around horse riding in Italy, our stop arrives and we jump out,  enter a kebab place, went home, slouch on the sofa, enjoying our late snack, headache is coming, who knows? Great day.

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