Japanese dance performance in Wedding

I slowly start to believe that Wedding is the place to be in Berlin. I never been in this area in two years and since some weeks I'm almost two evenings per week there attending a tango course here, electronic music in a swimming pool basement, political meetings, microbrewery in a backyard of an ugly building... The common pattern of all these places is the area is not extremely appealing at the first look and you think "when do we leave already?". But once you found the place you were aiming to, took that porch, entered a passage, things get better and there is suddenly space available you didn't expect. A Alice in Wonderland effect?

So yesterday evening, meeting point on the platform of S-Bahn Wedding with Ayako, then 50m walking and we enter the MICA MOCA. Ugly building from outside, once in the backyard a quiet atmosphere. Of course a garage, no cars but with a bar inside. The last rays of lights from the sun in the face and one Augustiner in the hand (Augustiner is not a person, let say a woman from Augustin, no, it's a beer) and more and more Japanese people all around.

The performance finally starts (Living Space - seikatsu kuhkan -Sound&Dance Improvisation), we enter the building, the audience is invited to take chairs and to find a place where to sit - which means you could end up where the dancers will potentially need to go and I don't specially want to end up on stage :S In the middle of the room the three women and one man, all Japanese dancers are already composing with a low table. What will follow is a series of scenes using the full space of the room. For me something between dance, music and theater as sometimes one was reading, singing, the others were acting, playing. Many things together, sometimes a bit messy but definitively interesting.

Evening continues with some discussions about the show, with and without the artists. This becoming a nice habits the last months, to meet the creative people (huuuu..) after and before the various shows I attended.

Damm it's already 23h12... And I remember that I need to sleep. We leave.

the place -> MICA MOCA.

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