A day at the museum and more

First official day of the KUI event, a Culture and Computer conference hosted in the Pergamon museum in Berlin. Mixed feeling about the papers presented in contrast to the very interesting keynote given this morning by someone from the Israel museum in Jerusalem. The speaker did talk about their collaboration with Google Art, how to put your museum on-line or how do you make it existing on-line without loosing visitors.
Before the social event of the conference the possibility to have a guided tour in the museum was offered, I took it and it was amazing. The guide who was supposed to give a 30min talk was entertaining us for 1h30. We were all drinking his stories, jumping from country to country, time to time, history to mythology, mythology to politic. The highest point was the fight depicted from a 2m piece of facade where we could see parts of Athena and other bodies, the statues were moving and the swords flying, take that immersive 3D cinema.

I ask the question: what is a conference without his social event? An incomplete event.  This time it took place on the top of some federal building not fat form Alexanderplatz. And after a nice diner with a americano-franco-russian couple I left the place to join ma douce for a concert in Eschschloraque.

Eschschloraque, a bar name easy to misspell, a surviving alternative bar in Hackescher Markt close to the Kino Central. Comfortably installed in a sofa facing the stage we are waiting for the musicians. Here they come, Japanese singer, Russian piano player and a Greek guitarist. Songs in Japanese, Greek and more. Always nice to discover the musical touch of a band.

Today I did travel in time, in space, in language... and I'm not even confused. Take that narrow minded people.

Some link:
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