A day or two at school

And it was not a random school, but the HFF or school for movie and tv in Babelsberg. There we took part with a colleague to a workshop on 3D production. This last for 2 days and it was more than entertaining.

It is reductive to say we learn a lot, but it was. We could play with professional cameras, 3D cameras with different configurations: parallel lenses, mirror rig system with cameras at 90° from each other. And follow the whole production work-flow, the basis stages of the process starting with sweetening, then alignment and color matching and finally depth grading.

On the last day of the workshop I thought why not going back by bike, there is just 30km, so I did, I also lost my way which added some km to my way back home. But crossing Grünewald forest is a real pleasure, especially being the only one not in bike equipment, going fast and sweating like a sweating machine.

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