Rediscovering music by accident

I'm listening to music for a while now, meaning I'm taking care of my ears, trying not to pollute them with bad noises, because there is good noise too but that's the subject of another discussion. No, over the years I had to follow the technological wave to stay in control with my discography. And it is not always easy.

The most complicated and annoying thing these days is to grow my music library on my computer and to manage to not listen always the same playlist. Defining a song by a genre is a mess, keeping my different devices synced with the music I want, where I want, wireless or with cable, is a mess. If you have hundred songs it is fine, if you have 400 albums it's becoming a never ending story.

So what do we do? Or do I do? I go to Soundcloud, find a dj I like and press play. And sometimes the magic appear, if it is a SolidSteel NinjaTune mix the magic is almost always guaranteed. The last months I can't get enough from Nuno Dos Santos and his cool electronic mix sessions. I can come back thousand time on one transition when it's pleasing my ears, this providing an indescriptible feeling of wellness, it is just good, like if the universe was finally  reaching a perfect state of stability.

Two weeks ago I had to ask what was a sound coming into this mix. First I like this sound and secondly it wasn't unknown from me, but from where? I got a reply to my question, the sound was coming from a remix of an old Aphex Twin tune (the notion of old and new song is relative of course) called Polynomial-C. I found the remix in free download. But here is the coolest thing: I already own this song... I bought several cds over the year and this one was, or is, still one of those I haven't ripped, I hate myself sometimes.

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