An evening in the beer garden

For the fan of Community, my cake - a modified version of the classic "gateau au yaourt" with blueberries and a tiny bit of coco nuts flakes - with the candles on the top looks pretty much like an attempt of diorama where it would been asked to the students to illustrate the Vesuvius eruption. The cake almost exploded, "a brillé de mille feux" said some people and was delicious.

I swear I'm telling the truth
Alcohol makes you more confident. The proof? Being able to tell in a conversation to an American, a Japanese and a Portuguese that yes there is often big snowstorm in Cap Verde. To help my listeners were also drinking, but at some point I could see the confusion on their faces until I realize that the wrong word was coming out of my mouth. I meant sandstorm but said snowstorm, probably the charm of  French people speaking English...

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