Mexico City day 1

Delicious tacos for breakfast, when you travel with Californians with Mexican blood int their veine you can only expect local delicacies wherever you are. So breakfast in the kitchen and in the small backyard, we are all getting ready slowly. Nice to be there.

The group leaves the house and we are hitting toward the Bosque de Chapultepec where several museums are located. We can't do all of them and it's the Tamayo musuem that won. Beautiful building in the middle of the park, all in the grey beton-ish color with a couple of interesting pieces in it. Then the rest of the day is all about exploring the city and eating churros, because churros is life.

We spot a few signs of the recent earthquake but we can also witness that a big effort has been done on removing quickly those signs.

Approaching 19h it's time for aperitif, in other word mezcal. Mezcal is life. Some of us went in La Clandestina yesterday evening and it's where are. Cool place.

Going home the group is splitting while crossing Parque México and half of us is continuing the exploration. Our last top is the cocktail baltra where the cocktails are really good. Cool day.

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