Walking day...

...and not walking dead which is very different.

Yesterday was a strange day, I spent almost half of it in public transport going from missed meeting to another missed meeting.

First it took me ages to reach Tegel, super slow S-Bahn, bus stocked in the snow, all for nothing because my flight was cancelled (I mean other flights were cancelled, not only mine), then ages again to reach my working place and then ages to reach the center of Berlin for nothing. A bit like in a bad dream when you try to go somewhere and you know you have to , you want to and the distance is increasing as far as you move or when a movie director is playing with the focal lens to give you the illusion of an endless corridor. Walking in the snow is like being in an awake dream (putain c'est bien ce que j'écris, vite j'enlève mes chaussures).

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No trip to Norway finally, it would have been a international day where I would have seen norwegian, lituanian, german, american and more friends in real... But after all it was a kind of productive and international day, I talked french with a Norwegian, english with and Indian, german with a German, french again with a Spanish and with a French and not to mention the several sms and chat conversations in a mix of the previously listed languages.

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