Schaubühne le retour

Tonight - some hours ago to be exact - come back to Schaubühne for the show "Protect Me" from the same choreographer of the show "Trust" (which I have seen in June last year). This time I attended it with a professional Japanese dancer. So I better think twice if I want to say something intelligent about the show :-)

Our tickets were for the front row, a bit to the right. The stage is quite empty, to the right some microphone feet, in the back something who looks like a long bar, and sometimes some boxes - on wheels - are moved around the stage.

Quite fast one dancer is naked, staying some meters in front of us. Art quand tu nous tiens... But it will be just one naked dancer during the show, hopefully. The rest is pretty intense, 2 hours of dance, talk, dance. The bodies are less "falling" as in the Trust show, but you (me) can still feel connection in the form (yes I'm talking about dance) this time too. And so intense that once the show is over you could feel the crowd, the dancers still in it, like if you have to recover from something.

We are leaving slowly the theater, sorting our thoughts about the show and jumping in a bus M29 direction Kreuzberg for a Berlin by night. First time that I can sit on the first row in a two floors bus, cool :-)

Last stop in a cafe Oranienstrasse, glass of wine, it feels like Saturday. But it's Tuesday and there is some work tomorrow...

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