Arrival in gouda land

As usual in September I'm traveling to Amsterdam for the IBC event. I'm trying to travel light but still my luggage are too heavy: one PowerPoint presentation, one large laptop, three cameras, four lenses, some cables, a suit, sun glasses, other electronic devices and a lot to do on my agenda.

I found out that a bus goes directly from the airport to my hotel, it is pretty neat from the public transport in Amsterdam to have arranged such bus line. So I jump in the bus 192, cross nice suburbs with red houses, canals, bikers, dukes, gees, more exotic birds and end up in Osdorp inWest Amsterdam. No houses anymore, it looks like a giant tetris area, square buildings everywhere, but nice ones, long bike lines, long canals, they don't like curves here, only the gouda is curved.

It is close to 10pm and even if we are 7km from Amsterdam central station it is pretty quiet here. At least my hotel is still open. Time to grab some food where it is possible, go back to my room and sleep. Tomorrow the conference starts and I give a talk in the afternoon.

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