The international color seeker

If you have any interests in color, food, quality light source, food, clean line in landscape, food, you should consider to go once in Scandinavia. Even a simple coffee break after your flight with a German by the new Oslo opera facing the fjord or a one time use grill between a student residence and a tiny power station in Gjovik is worth the experience when you have the sun going down nicely and slowly in your face.

Coming back from another trip to Norway, I re-edited my full time classic: color work discussions for EU meeting, color and image processing work discussions by day at conference and by night while keeping the international level in the evening.

To keep the international level high you have to dose out the ingredients with caution: mix languages, at least three of them (e.g. French, English, Norwegian or French, Italian, German or Norwegian, Hebrew, English or Norwegian, Lithuanian, English or French French and Swiss French...) and mix food specialties. For example setup a norwegian grill with norwegian orange sausages and salad prepared by an Italian or have delicious lasagna prepared by a philosopher in visit Gjovik with later iraki kuba prepared by his mother and norwegian waffle for breakfast by his father, this not to mention the indian style lamb I had in Oslo by the Lithuanian-Norwegian team being served with home made beer.

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