Babettes Gæstebud or "Le festin de Babette au ski"

The picture, a semi-lost cabin in the Norwegian mountain, winter, new year's eve, snow, friends, food, a lot of food and a deficient lighting system. Despite the new solar panel, system our host was extremely proud of, electricity production was set to almost zero during these days, probably because of the snow stocked on the panel, but that is not the point of this post. A wooden cabin in the woods somewhere in the mountain not far from the lake Losna when you drive from Oslo after passing Lillehammer while going North... And candles, a lot of candles, always surprising how fast you adapt to low light conditions.

It is the 31st of December and everyone is preparing a dish for the diner. The idea is simple, the table has to be full of delicious dishes for tonight's buffet. Starting sunset people were cooking. I remind that in this remote/northern location sunset starts relatively early which was good regarding the amount of work needed.

To get a better picture you should watch or re-watch Babettes Gæstebud, because the quality we reached in the food presented and the light condition to prepare and enjoy the diner were matching those depicted in the movie. Of course no turtle sup (problem is in Norway the turtle is still very expensive and hard to find) but rakfisk, gougère, Lithuanian cheese, filet mignon and many more. And of course shit loads of  good wines, vodka and other bubbly beverages to go with the buffet.

A very good transition to 2014 indeed.

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