Die Walküre - première in Leipzig Oper

Acte I
Three characters only on stage, I mean only three people talking loud and some dancers moving slowly around then. The idea of  falling asleep did cross my mind, but I'm strong. The music is fine (say the apprentice musician we can't decipher properly any musical partitions) but I'm not yet transported by the musical waves. And then, bammm, the brother and sister, Siegmund and Sieglinde, one after the other, are filling the opera room space with their voices, and that's impressive, very impressive.

First break is welcomed. Time to check how people are dressed.

Acte II
New characters are entering the stage. The parents, god and goddess are entering the debate. It is moving a bit more than during the first act and it helps to keep me awake. The orchestra is teasing us with glimpses of the famous melody.

I see coats lying on the stage, there are moving slowly... And because I'm not seeing any dancers on stage, my guess is our lovely Japanese dancer friend who found tickets for us tonight is under one of these coats.

Acte III
Finally here they come, the Walkyries or Die Walküre are all on stage. The new singer generation apparently because they don't look oversized, actually they look (in size) normal whatever normal is.

We were waiting three hours but now Herr Wagner puts all in, as if he was playing poker or StarCraft he gives us everything, the music, the lyrics, the volume and fire on stage to conclude.

It was the premiere tonight, so the applause session is a bit longer and each people involved in the opera gets some bravo... or some bouhhhh as well as some were thinking Richard Wagner was murdered tonight. The Wagner fans are intense, Bieber fans can put their pants again as they are only little players comparing to those tonight. Always funny (or scary) to see people in suits screaming like hooligans.

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