Evening at the British Embassy

18:01 leaving work, aiming for the British embassy near Pariser Platz for the Max Planck Forum and a talk entitled "ALL A QUESTION OF AGE? HOW THE BRAIN AND BEHAVIOURS DEVELOP OVER TIME".

On the way taking a panorama picture in Tiergarten and arriving way to early at destination. At Brandenburg Tor the groups of tourists are well in place catching the last ray of light on the door. For tourists it is mostly group of teenagers in school trip abroad for the first time wandering like zombies. I will come back another time to shoot a spherical panorama of the place.

18:33 I'm exploring the Galeries Lafayette level -1 and searching for the French bookshop. First time in six years in Berlin. I enter the bookshop, the owner welcomed me in French, the walls are filled with "livre de poche", I'm in France. Where is the letter B? Ok still between A and C, found my Bukowsky and two books I haven't read yet.

19:01 still to early and a tiny bit hungry I'm giving a chance to a curry wurst place called Biers under S-Friedrichstraße. It was a mistake but now a souvenir engraved in my memory as the worst curry wurst ever: fatty, not cooked and shitty fries, the place should be closed, the owners put in jail or recycled in plastic bottle.

19:33 I enter the embassy, passed the words set in stone informing us about the former visit of the Queen some years ago, find a place to sit in the round conference room.  The talk starts and the walls around us are sliding to close the space, safe in the British shelter.

A complete different crowd as my last conference in Leipzig last week, more evenly distributed between women and men.

21:11 the talk ends, walls slides again and drinks are served. A sip of red wine and I stop. Evening was definitively not under the sign of good food and good drink but I managed to feed my brain with quality words.

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