Rencontres géographiques et temporelles aléatoires

If I don't find a job as a color or imaging scientist in a near future I could always apply as a physiognomist. It is my super power, I remember faces even some years later. This Saturday afternoon I was meeting one of my friends Natalia to take a portrait picture of the person she was interviewing for her blog - it's here, it is the following chapter of last August about project space, it's now about study space - and when I met Anna I had a beginning of flashback, I have met this girl with Natalia already - everything is written here in French and it was actually not her - a while ago, three years ago, all the memories about this day came back after some hours to my mind. But let's continue about today.

15:00 we meet in Hackescher Markt as we leave away almost immediately. The area is peaceful and quiet after 18:00 if you are going to the cinema, but before it's touristic hell on earth. We walk toward the Spree, take some pictures and I go back home.

19:00 quiet agenda for the Saturday evening, only a finissage in a gallery some hundred meters away from our home address. At the end of the Project Space Festival last August I met Andreas who is running the Greusslich Contemporary gallery.

My first plan was to stay shortly, to visit the gallery - gallery located in an apartment not on the ground floor - and to go home. I went home, but 3 hours later. Even so you are entering an apartment, you are entering a gallery. The white color on the walls, the light grey on the floor, the homogeneous lighting, the place itself or the volume is the part of the exhibition - but I'm probably influenced by the last month project space festival I have attended - which makes me a bit lazy when it's time to look at the art pieces selected by the curator. Being there is almost enough. Next time I will be less impressed by the place and will be able to pay more attention to the exhibited works.

All along the finissage small groups were formed, my group was constituted of two Germans women, one Austrian man and myself. Always a pleasure to practice my German skill in such condition, talking about art, color and irrelevant things while drinking beer.

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