Pano for the people 2

I "closed" this project by adding some final examples. More precisely examples where something can go wrong and showing what it means in images.

One important thing to be able to create a beautiful little planet is to have made first a full spherical panorama picture. This panorama has to be presented as a rectangular image, an equirectangular image of ration 2:1, this means the virtual camera that would have taken this image has an equirectangular lens of field of view 360°. That is the requirement for my scripts and function that generate template file to control hugin. But you are free to distort any rectangle images with different ratios.

All the codes and guidelines here panoToLittlePlanet.

What does it mean to generate a little planet from the south hemisphere of full spherical panorama? The answer below:

full spherical image with only the south hemisphere visible.

the resulting little planet.

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