Winter vernissage

Polychroming by artist Joe Clark - Centrum Berlin
Some ideas in my head after attending a vernissage in Neükölln or another Berlin Bermuda triangle should I say. You are inside the berliner U-Bahn ring but far from everything. But it's a real urban density that reminds you that you are in a real city. A part of Berlin I only know for its galleries, independent art places, book shop with concert place hidden in the basement you enter by what could be interpreted as a trap, bar that become clothes shop by day, nest of hipsters, old airport turned into a kitesurfing spot... A part of the city I almost only remember by night except during the 48Stunden Neükölln.

Centrum, the place of the day. First time was last summer at the occasion of the Project Space Festival where with two friends we wrote about the different art places. Centrum of last August was special to us. They were not the only ones but one of the first thanking us of the article we wrote about them and it was a transition, former owner giving the keys to the new key master Mareike. She took well care of the place, sadly I missed the previous exhibition but this time I made it!

I have to say the name of the installation has attracted my attention: Polychroming. Probably a déformation professionnelle. Not much to say when you find the installation interesting. The chance I had was to be there early and was able to converse with the artist Joe Clark which is always good.

I don't know if it is the location of the Reuterstrasse. But as during my first visit of Centrum - or other places in this area - there is something rough about the environment, make me thing of each place I enter as an inhabited cavern, expecting painting on the walls, except yesterday was a projection on a tilted wooden deck of silver-ish kind of stone.

One last thing I should start study the relation between vernissage and choice of beer proposed. I wonder if it says something. Yesterday was Flensburger, a good choice.

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