Berliner Farhrradschau 2015 and sound studies

My third Berliner Farhrradschau in a row. It's growing every year but manages to keep a human size. You will not find the biggest companies, but a panel of all the cool stuffs from kid bikes, electric, downhill, vintage and more. I really like the laid back  atmosphere - maybe different if you are running a stand -  and the gin tonic. In three hours you get some many frames in your face, thinking of your new bike - the one you will never get because once you have it there is no quest for it - and new accessories...

Leaving the place near U Gleisdreieck I met other friends in the same street in what seems to be an abandoned building. On the fourth floor we found sound installations from UDK master students. Here as well pretty cool installations combining sounds, electronic sensors and other captors. Almost a classic when you are familiar with those type of installation, but almost all working.

Some links:
- one cool shop cicli-berlinetta and the review I wrote about it in spotted by locals Berlin.

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