Eclipse and Splitter Brötchen

One partial eclipse can hide another. This morning took place the eclipse everybody was talking about. If the weather was perfect in Berlin, the event behind the Gross Zeiss planetarium well organised where we were all surrounded by abnormally early awake astronomers - they usually spot stars by night - I was less impressed than the one I observe in Paris in 1999.

Back in the days the eclipse did happen during the summer around lunch time. In 30min the traffic  noise of Paris stopped, the darkness arrived and people were all on the roofs. To observe all of us, on the various roofs, the head toward the sky, and the quietness for a short time in the middle of the  day was a very strong moment.

The other eclipse was the discovery of the biggest splitter brötchen! Not a real discovery as someone told me to check this bakery - the Hacker Bäckerei -  which as a result jumped on the top position of my top 3 bakery in Berlin. Long live the the splitter Brötchen. For the non connoisseur, a splitter is what is the closest as a "brioche" I can find here.

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