Virtual guide in town

I'm one of the bloggers for Spotted By Locals Berlin, sometimes we have an operation called weekendbylocals where one spotter is asked to take over the instragram account of Spotted By Locals. It's did happen to me this weekend. First of all I love the concept, it gives you the possibility to follow a virtual guide in a city in real time, watching his pictures, seeing how he/she is moving into the city. So let's put some words on my path as the weekend was pretty dense again.

It started yesterday morning by shooting a small video showing the public transport trafic at Eberswalderstrasse. It continues with a semi random city exploration from Prenzlauerberg, Mitte to Tempelhofer park. Two airports for me this day, I registered during the week for the night airport run on the tarmac of the newly not yet open airport BER, one on a bike and the second with my running shoes. Semi-marathon started at 7:00pm by day light and finished into the darkness with for only lights the traffic lights on the tarmac, spooky... Almost if not the same time as last year, only difference I felt much better during and after, but running without hangover does help a bit.

Sunday was a bit more relax, meeting friends, one being a spotter too, discovering new place, having lunch on a boat, taking more pictures and not feeling guilting to overshare images on the internet for once :-)

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