First feet bath of the year

First real weekend announcing the spring. Yesterday I could not stay on my sofa, one look outside, blue sky, jumped on my bike in order to go checking how it was in altitude, aimed for Muggelturm located in  Muggelwald near Muggelsee. It's a short bike trip, 50km, one line to go and the same to go back, crossing East-Berlin, Ostkreuz, passing the FC-Union stadium, Köpenick, entering the forest and climbing. Once on the top I got the offer to join friends for talco in SO36. The pause was short and I return home, concert start in two hours. Long story short it was good.

Sunday morning, struggle to leave my bed, I did promise in the middle of the night to join the apocalypse riders for another bike tour, the goal being Liepnitzsee. So here we are, Sunday lunch time, ready to go and direction the North of Berlin with on the roadmap Pankow, Bernau, Buch, Lanke and finally, maybe the lake. Before reaching half of our trip - the full loop being to be able to come back in Berlin - we stop at a gas station, put some air in our tires, acquire a beer each, ready.

Weather is nice, not too cold and the beer on the side of the lake very pleasant. In the summer the place can be crowded, today it is only for the braves. I put my feet in the water, loose one or two toes, left my beer in the natural fridge and try to warm up what's left from my feet.

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Taking the direction back to the city we make another stop about 1km later. The view of the imbiss wakes up some food memory, we are hungry. It's what we call the bockwurst pause. The owner of the place is so old and slow that I worry about my order, will he past away before bringing me my meal?

Having our stomach full we keep going on our tour. We just have to go South, crossing forest and getting slowly closer to the civilisation. 80km later we are seating on the side of the Spree facing Treptower Park, enjoying the last rays of light and last deserved beer.

A lot of fun.

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