Chritsmas in Oxnard

Arrived late in LA yesterday, saw my first raccoon on a parking place while waiting in the drive line of an in-and-out drive in near the airport for my first cheese burger.

Flower market
Early waked up and direction to flower market. Super view once on the parking top floor. Skyline on front of us, open city on the other side, zombies below our field of view.

Back home, a coffee with the neighbor  and we leave for Oxnard and a family Christmas lunch.

One hour late driving toward the North we arrive. Far away we can still spot some dark smokes from the recent fire still burning.

One house, many cars in the fronts because many visitors.

Entering by the garage, some people around a table talking, eating. Back door to access the kitchen, more poeple, on the stove three pans, in one of them posole soup, it's Mexican spirit here!

Saying hello to all the new and known faces, a chair is offered to me, I seat and a bowl of posole arrives. You add cabbage, radish, onions, oregano, chilly, cream and tomatillos. Delicious.

Time passes, but the appetite remains, I heard about a second course coming...  It will be a giant piece of meat, red rib. Another member of the family is in charge of mash potatoes, they arrive bringing victoriously the vegetable. So good, once again you didn't need to be hungry for eating.

We are back in Boyle Heigh not so late but exhauster. 9:20pm and we fall asleep.

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