Biennale des bewegten Bild oder B3 - Thursday

This morning I woke up and went almost directly to the Max Planck institute where my hosts are working. This institute is freshly new and to have an idea of how it looks, think of the design a Scandinavian hotel in Stockholm, but instead of rooms for sleeping you will find labs, working rooms, über cool microscope, nice sofa, good cafeteria, good coffee, a lot of light and space, all what you need to do a good research job and probably any job.

The head full of cells images I left this place. More moving images were waiting for me down town. I took the U8 follow by the S2 (not sure) to join the main train station. There I went to the Kai Middendorff Galerie where I saw a film (it was "Out (Tse)" from artist Roee Rosen). It was question about Israel, sm, politic, exorcism, fetishism, eroticism and more. Type of video installation where you wonder "Am I looking at two women, one with clothes whipping the ass of the other, naked, the arms attached to the ceiling and screaming with an evil voice quotations from the a former Israeli minister? Yes I'm.", checked.

To continue I went again to the Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche located nearby the Willy Brandt place. Watch some films, played video game with four other players on the fulldome and left again.

I crossed the Main and enter the Deutsches Filmmuseum. There I only had 45min to attend the exhibition on Fassbinder. Very nice installations, mainly projections of film parts, shorts ones with explanation. Now I know I'm missing some german movie references (or in French "Maintenant je sais que je dois combler mes lacunes fassbinderienne").

Re-crossing the bridge, official opening of the fulldome in the church and short visit for another opening in the same street of the Basis place. Here as well a lot of videos. I remind to the readers that it is the topic of this Biennale.

Then again leaving and going home by feet. Frankfurt is pretty quiet for and an Halloween evening. I just saw 4 people dressed for the pumpkins event.

Time to sleep well thank you.

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