Evening talk in ARTsLab UNM

First day of the scientific program of the 21th Color Imaging Conference and this year it's taking place in Albuquerque, NM. A very funny name to pronouce in french. But enought with the jokes and back to the serious business. Being involved in color science and immersive display I try to follow what people are doing in both fields all over the world. And going to conferences is always a good excuse to knock on the door of the local lab or research department. So this year I contacted some weeks in advance Jane Crayton which I did meet at the Imersa event in Denver three years ago.

After some e-mails exchanged it was planned for me to give a talk entilted "Color Science for Immersive Displays" at the ARTsLab. The ARTsLab (Arts, Research, Technology and Science Laborator and check the link below) is a nice research lab where people from various fields can meet and colaborate, and if you have read the lines above it may involved immersive display... One of their permanent installation is a digital dome of 6 to 7m (?) and a studio which can be used for various tasks.

I wish more people could have attended the talk, but quality is better than quantity. And I was served. The pre-meeting before the talk at a local restaurant was delicious and I could see that some people take their coffee seriously. Hoping to see again the already known contact and newly made here or there in the future.

Some links:
- ARTsLab
- Color Imaging Conference
- Imersa

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