Sunny Saturday in SF

A few first times this Saturday in SF. For example first sunny Saturday of my trip in SF.

first of all jogging on SF harbour with my host, we will call her Katrina as some people are obviously not able to pronounce here name correctly,  running under a big bridge, bypassing the baseball stadium, enjoying the beautiful light.

Having a breakfast break after 5km of running, testing a chipolte sandwich on the water almost and going back slightly not lighter than before the sandwich in running again. Crossing SoMa, passing South Park, another cool name. Last week I did want to run until Twin Peaks but the weather was too much apocalyptic to make an attempt.

then we went to play the tourists trying to catch the cable train. It wasn't a first time for us and we failed. But we were successful in catching it later without paying, a great experience :-)

Continuing our tour, re-visiting Russian Hill, going to the water and meet the ugly tourist nest just to know where not to go, then walking toward the Coit Tower. At some point a coffee break in Caffée Roma. Coffee place with entrance on both side of the street. When we get in it was almost empty, two customers, one of them came in with its screen, playstation and joypad, interesting...

the walk continue and we are getting closer to the Coit Tower. There we meet friends of my host trying to set up a surprise party for one of them. I'm an outsider observer but don't feel exclude as a group has a pretty nice dynamic. The surprise party is kind of not working out but the party mood is here. From then we uber-ride in the city.

then the usual "no ID you can't get in", but being not too far from home we use that excuse to go a few minutes away from the group. Leaving the people entering the Hawaii cocktail bar. No comments.

we are back with IDs, the people are suddenly extremely talkative as we had left them at the beginning of the evening and were back after hours... but no, it must me the sad power of alcohol, the cocktail were full of sadness liquor. But again, nice people so it wasn't too bad.

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