Last Sunday in SF before the next one

Last Sunday of my trip and still a lot of stuffs on my to-do list before flying back.

cooking breakfast eggs for my host, drinking water and hopping to get rid of a slight headache thank to the Hawaiian cocktails, thank you Hawai not sure I want to go there now, maybe, will see.

Good or not the shops are also open on Sunday here. I get dress and aim for the Chrome HQ store not far from where I stay this weekend. I love the shop, want to buy everything but I stay strong and only take one jacket.

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I catch a bus, change area and go back to amoeba, the best music shop ever if you remember. Luckily there is a small concert when I arrive, a tiny Japanese girl is on stage, her guitar is almost bigger than her, her English is tinted of Japanese accent. But once  she start singing and playing it's wahoooou, we all feel she just fills the space with her voice and presence, super cool. If you are interested her name is Guita Rei, her soundcloud Rei and FB Guita Rei and I have to say her live performance is more energetic than what you will listen on those links.

I leave the amazing place with a list of zillion stuffs to listen. Outside I met Laura, Spanish friend working now in SF. First met in Berlin a few years ago because of another French friend Berlin being connected by a third French person in NY but coming from Paris. Do you follow? Sometime I have difficulties myself.

Anyway, we have a lovely late Sunday meal in Cha Cha Cha. So far a very good 10 days in the Bay area, meeting again, or the first time, or staying with, or jogging with or simply spending time with friends, new friends. Now there is twist because I write these lines based on my notes and at this time I didn't know my interviews weren't successful. But who cares? This doesn't change my views on these days, meeting people in real is still winning over all the tech shits around us. And I will be back.

Laura and a friend of her gave me a lift to the other side of the city. I'm meeting a Michel in his lab at UCSF in Mission Bay. Finally I will se his lab bench after so many years! Always pretty cool to visit the labs of your friends, especially when they study cells, genomics, the mix of living stuffs, computers and funky optic devices, what else do you need?

Last diner in Noe Valley by the double pair M&S&S&A. Slowly SF is becoming a fourth second home after Paris, Montreal, Oslo, Berlin...

A last tour in the tramway to go back to SoMa. This time no crazy guy talking to me. Statistically if there is a crazy person in the bus or tramway here he will talk to me because I'm listening. People are going home, everybody is on its smartphone, Tinder here, spotify there.

A last chat with my host and it's time to let me fall on my bed. Good night SF, you have been great.

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