Toronto with locals

Heavy beer glasses lifting by night last night. I wake up and decide semi immediately to post-pone my morning run and instead go for sipping coffees in the theatre center cafe in West Queen West recommended by Spotted by Locals Toronto.

Morning is passed and I met my day time local guide Laura nearby Trinity Bellwoods South on Tecumseth street. Galleries on the menu, second stop is for the the Birch Contemporary. We almost looked at all the art pieces exhibited conversing with the curator.

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What follows is a marathon of city exploration, walking on King street after Queen street, normal, Financial District, checking the various art installations, tripping on giant black and white circle by Micah Lexier, being hypnotized by the colorful work Straigh Flush of James Turrel, failing to visit an image archiving lab, getting cold, leaving quickly a too smelly perfume installation, getting warm again eating fried dumplings, re-entering Kensington Market, needless to stay it's different by night but it's also enjoyable by day when you stopped in warm coffee place.

A lot of pleasant talking, a lot of image taking and now quiet evening coming for me. I mean I will skip the beer drinking but go out to the movie, there is always the train back to Montreal for sleeping.

For sure good last 24h, always a pleasure to have local guides to show you their city.

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