Monday in NYC - Going to the Queens

I didn't bring my jogging equipment for nothing. After one week of non-activities I woke up early and went jogging in wild Upper West Side. I went up from the 97st and enter the Riverside Park along the river, ten turned right after reaching Columbia University, crossed the Morningside Park with a beautiful view on Harlem and Upper East Side in front of me, then joined Central Park by its upper west corner. At the level of my street I left the park and came back home.

Jogging in NYC and Central Park, checked.

The journey of the day continued by walking downtown where all street corners look like an album cover of the Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique. We went back where we went out last Saturday, thinking ahhhh it was there... I left Jean-Baptiste and Sarah in Washington park and went to the Queens. There I enter the Moma studio where its main imaging division is. For the connoisseurs I'm not taking about PS1 but another location into the Queens. I can't say it's a secret location as it's written in big Moma Studio in front of the light blue building. It is in this place that they will shoot pictures for their collection from paintings, sculptures, multimedia installations, cars, everything. To be short it was very cool. A tour made possible after meeting the right people in charge of this building some months ago during the Archiving conference 2014 who took place in Berlin.

Going the Queens, crossing a bridge above railways with the sun light going down through wire fence with the view on Manhattan in the background, checked. Never felt so hip hop.

I left the Queens, made a short detour by Manhattan and arrive in Williamsburg. I had a tacos from a tacos truck while waiting. JB and Sarah arrived, we had another delicious Asian fusion snack and went to a roof top bar. From there we enjoyed our beer with the NYC skyline by night.

First time for me in two areas of NYC, the Queens and Williamsburg. The last one reminded me a lot of SF, a bit of Montreal and Berlin. And now I know where the Vice headquarters are, there are facing the Brooklyn brewery.

Back in 96st after some food shopping I'm getting ready for cooking a risotto. It wasn't legendary but very eatable. Another great day.

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