Valerian agent spacio temporel - episode transatlantique

What a long day, subway, walking, flying, subway again and finally Berlin. Long distance flight in autumn puts you in a another time space. You start your journey in the underground by day time, when the subway reaches the surface on his way to the airport the night has come, you can't see much outside because you are too far from the city lights and you are constantly in the position of having to wait or having to run, you are prisoner of your own schedule.

Seated with a window on my right I can barely see the extremity of the wing, too big, too windy, too dark. On board the KLM crew is struggling to make function each individual video screen. Organized as I'm I forgot my book in my checked luggage, so I re-started Bel-Ami on my tablet to kill the time. Eventually the on-board team succeed to reboot the system, but I will only see 15min of something on a bad screen and left to say hello to Morpheus.

When I wake up it's Amsterdam again. Next day. I'm getting closer. Two more hours waiting and a last jump in the sky to Berlin. Smooth landing, I get my luggage and my TXL almost immediately. Good to be home. People are drinking beers in the bus, no one is hiding. Started in New York Upper West Side near 96st - and some cream cheese bagels for the breakfast - with several stops in Wall Street, stopping by the North and South Pools and continuing by a short visit in l'Imprimerie on Spring Street 11 I finish my journey as I started it yesterday, with something to eat, kettwurst it was.

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