Sunday in NYC - Going around

Brunch time! Starting from 96st in Upper West Side we enter the streets of NYC. The brunch place our host was dreaming about - something Louisiana style or so - is already full and we are not ready to follow the NYC way of going to a restaurant: queuing to death. We walk some meters further, got table and food. Asking for the wlan password the waiter brings me the wine menu, I got it, my accent is terrible.

Eggs, beacon, bred and coffee, ready to pursuit. Slowly we reach Central Park, at Yoko house we enter the green area of NYC. Beautiful colors in the trees and a lot of tourists and guitar players getting ready for a day of Imagine practice.

Going out of Central Park from the zoo we jump in a bus to go up Manhattan to the 105st following ideas from the spottedbylocals guide of New-York to make our path to the city.  A look at a gratify wall and we enter the NYC museum which we first mistaken with the el museo del barrio. About 4 to 5 exhibitions, mostly photography, some good, some less interesting but a good break in our wandering.

Hungry again, I spot on foursquare a ramen place not too far away. After another short visit in a small park located in Central Park facing the museum we just left we jump again in a bus. Only 20min to wait and we got our soup at Naruto Ramen on the 3rd avenue. Yeah!

Too early to go home so we continue downtown, in subway this time. Visit of Grand Central followed by the inevitable tour in Time Square by night. Lights everywhere, a dozen of spiderman, one or two batman, one joker... No needs to stay forever.

Back to our block in Upper West Side. It's Sunday evening, we could buy food and cook. It's New-York and everything is open all the time, all the time. I repeat, all the time. Instead we remain lazy, order pizza, got beers from the deli downstairs, our now daily Brooklyn Brewery beers, this time followed with tv series and sleeping.

A good day.

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