Tuesday in NYC - Going to Staten Island

In the morning at home working on our computers. For lunch we left Upper West Side and aim down town and Wall-Street to meet our host. Another side of New-York. It feels like in a Batman movie and we are expecting the Dark Knight at any time, but we only see the canine brigade team car. Down the street the famous charging bull and the inevitable tourists taking picture of themselves touching the bull balls. You find the same tourists everywhere.

After lunch JB and I took the ferry to Staten Island. The time to touch the island and to go back to Manhattan. As we have some time before our next meeting, we walk. Little Italy and we are getting lost searching for Mulberry street. We managed to find again the Blind Tiger bar, had a beer at 18h and were drunk at 18h30. Then we ran to our next meeting El Barrio Chino, a Mexican restaurant between Chinatown and Little Italy where my friend Tarun proposed to meet. First time we met was in Oslo, then Berlin and now NYC. Very cool to stay in contact with people all around the world.

As in every restaurant you can't book a table, so better be in time. We struggled a bit to find the place, but we made it. Food was good, waiting time reasonable, staff members nice looking and friendly. Another good day.

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