Almost monkeys island but without monkeys

This trip looks alike more and more like a video game experience. Everyday a new island, a new landscape, a new mission, an hidden temple to find, a magic potion to drink. Today in our MMORPG it's the road to Espenradinha abandoned airport mission. At least five teams on this world: one French couple, one British couple, one "group of laid" from terdav and us known as the Berlin team or "les moches en vadrouille".

The day started with a training mission to find the secret source... The kind of mission where we just unlock a dead end road, meaning we had to come back using the same way. The group split  a first time, me letting my partners going alone to the treasure. Long story short: they found the ruins and some water dropping from a pipe, but the "petit Futé" said it was wonderful and we could swim.

The stage "find a place for lunch after 2:00am" was unlocked successfully after one noob lost money on overpriced peanuts, to win something you have to loose something else. And during the reloading battery time - or eating fish and rice - we did plan the conquest of Faja d'Agua: another split, one team of warriors having for target "umpa lumpa" before the deadly descent into the valley and a single player deciding to take it easy by hitchhiking to the village on the sea side.

Before "umpa lumpa" the warriors did a part of the way accompanied by locals, one warrior even starting a strong friendship story with another local, drunk. Arriving at the cross road, the locals pointed their fingers: it is in that direction, so we went.

Nice landscape, going down and far away our target the end of the landing area, crossing an abandoned village and despite my warnings "no there is no treasure is this house" two of the three warriors have to "make les beaux" and did explore the abandoned house. Some hours later and after passing an oasis, entering a backyard between the trees and dogs we finally reached the sea. Our hitchhiker was there and found already the secret place to be for diner (we will see later that our cook was also or bartender).

Almost last mission of the day: the abandoned airport. This time as a group where we could enjoy the sunset from the tarmac, we were not the only ones as other goats and cows were visible at the horizon (on the tarmac, not on the sea horizon, there were no graphical bugs in this game). To gain some extra points Alexios had to jump into a giant washing machine, hopefully for us he could enter and leave the machine.

Then we did enter the secret mode in the secret mode or the night mode. Diner was awesome, the grog at the bar was less awesome when another drunken master went almost fighting against us, but it was a drunken master violent only against women - man woman equality is long path full of pitfalls.

Then again, the bed, without cover, the warm weather, the wind in the palm trees, the waves breaking... Sleeping.

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