Vassbygdi, østerbø geiterygghytta, finse - day 1

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Light rain for breakfast, the tent is tied up faster and we hit to the bus station. 20min later we start the hike. Altitude is 0m or maybe 10m above the sea level. The weather is mild.

A classical start from the lovely valley "à la Delivrance" with a big smile on both our faces. We slowly but surely go deeper into the mountain, the valley is also getting narrower. Then it rises sharply and unceremoniously. It drizzles. 

We find a big rock where we are protected from the wind and the tiny drops of water. It's polse and lompe time.  The break is short, we continue. We enter an area who clearly shows huge rocks that felt from the top of the mountain, but years ago as trees and foams are recovering nicely the stones.

Too bad that the weather decides to be insane - which mean rain, rain and rain - because we can't enjoy the landscape. But the good side of it is we are hiking super fast and arrive to our first stop in time. We also abandoned for today the plan to use the tent. It's still raining and we are completely wet. We even wondering of to go back to Oslo tonight as we don't see us continuing two more days with this weather.

Luckily the mountain refuge has a room for two, a drying room for the clothes and food for hungry hikers. Before the diner the warm shower and whisky was probably at this time the best combo ever to refresh our bodies. Finding the sleep was an easy task.

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