Vassbygdi, østerbø geiterygghytta, finse - day 2

Alternative title: The Lord of The Rings The Two Towers

Reloaded after a good night of sleep we go again on the road. The clouds left as well and the plans evoked yesterday of "going back earlier to Oslo to seat on the sofa, watch films and drink insane quantity of alcoholic beverages" are already been forgotten.

Beginning of this day hike is easy. We read on the map two sections of 3h and 3h30.  We are leaving the low mountain  for the middle mountain, meaning less trees, more open landscape and some waterfalls.

The no rain factor allows us to enjoy this amazing landscape and I'm not going to far with the words. Trapped yesterday in the clouds and the rocks we are now able to see around us. We also need to put some sunscreen!

We keep an eye regularly on the map, wondering after 7hours why we are not arriving to the next refuge yet? The only people met are going on the opposite direction, meaning going down when we are only going up.

A cool thing with the Norwegian mountains is that they aren't very high, but the variety of scenery is incredible. In just 500m of difference in heigh we went from middle mountain to door of high mountain.

After 10h30 of hike - pause included - we arrive to our second stage completely exhausted. Once again no tent despite the dry weather. But it's also much colder, we opt for the dormitory.

While talking with the owner of this refuge we learned that our little hike wasn't - as we thought - long of 18km but 25km. More important he also told us that most the people doing this hike usually prefer to do it in the opposite order, meaning going down all the time... Knowing that the overpriced ringnes did taste even more delicious.

I'm finding the sleep in half a second. Just the time to enjoy the location of the refuge on a side of another relatively large lake. There are semi wild sheep all around, fishnets are drying on the side of the  house, they like to tease the trout here. The scenery is at the level of the effort you have to provide to reach this place.

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