Vassbygdi, østerbø geiterygghytta, finse - day 3

Alternative title: The Lords of the Rings The Return of the King(s)

Last day of our trek. The most beautiful. As usual we cross many people going in the opposite direction, now we know why.

After walking along the lake, slaloming between sheeps, walking barefoot in freaking cold water, crossing field of snow we reach the highest point of our path. We have lunch on the side of a frozen lake with iceberg slowly melting in front of us. A small detour from the official path to arrive on a 360 view point. It's super windy but the view is again wahouuu.

It's time to go down towards the train station. It's becoming green again with some little flowers here and there but still no trees as we are around 1400/1500m high.

On the grass, protected form the wind side of another lake we have our last hiker meal full of proteins and later the very last over-over-over-overpriced beer.

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